DumpLoada Half Pipe

Strength, reliability and longevity in the harshest environments

Total reliability. Maximum longevity.

Developed specifically for high production activities, Stronga half pipe dump trailers keep heavy materials moving at high speeds and high volumes to lower your cost-per-tonne transported.

The DumpLoada HP design is now even more rugged, even more durable and even more impressive, delivering levels of performance that go unrivalled in the construction machinery market.

Rugged resistance

Unsurpassed wear-resistance & impact strength

Everything an ADT can do…

But at a significantly lower cost

Precision-engineered half pipe

It is the fine details which set Stronga apart from the rest.

The half pipe body funnel ensures excellent material deposition during tipping cycles. In comparison to square body dumpers, material exits faster through the streamlined half pipe body. Moreover, the knife-edge wall detail and guard at the front of the trailer protect your tractor from falling material to optimise safety.

Year-round operator

Extend your ability to generate year-round income

The proof is in the payload

Lower weight from lighter dumper bodies allows fleets to carry more load using the same vehicles. That means you can increase your load capacity by 10-20% or even more in some applications, only by using Stronga.

Extra capacity results in fewer trips per day because Stronga trailers carry more payload. A lower kerb weight also reduces fuel consumption and in turn operating costs. So if you need to move a mountain of heavy material, Half Pipe DumpLoada works hard to contribute to a stronger and lighter world.

Die-hard transport solutions

Committed to heavy materials

Each Stronga half pipe dump trailer is reinforced with Hardox wear plate in high stress areas to improve durability. The Stronga design team establish these areas using highly reliable 3D stress-analysis software.

As an extra bonus, 100% of Hardox wear plate can be recycled at the end of its lifetime without loss of its properties or performance. Work together with Stronga and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Half Pipe dump trailer – Key features & benefits

Pioneering Half Pipe body contour

Modern half pipe dump trailer bodies improve driving and loading dynamics. Find out how:

(1) Lighter tare weight and boosted payload with fewer axial and transverse beams.
(2) Reduced shock loading during quarrying, mining & demolition operations.
(3) Excellent load retention while driving over undulating surfaces.
(4) Fast, clean unloading and improved heaping ability.

Indestructible Hardox wear plates

Full Hardox 450 half pipe dump trailer wear plate body delivers super high yield strength, extreme toughness and excellent wear plate durability.

Indestructible Hardox 450 body provides amazing torsional strength for heavy-duty long life service. Ultra-light design from the special shaped, one-piece, monocoque Hardox body maximises payload.

Dynamic tipping power

Powerful tipping cylinder front-mounted on the one-piece body gives you the confidence to tip heavy materials, every cycle, every day.

Great heaping ability and better self-cleaning from the impressive 65˚ tipping angle. Twin fat-pipe technology ensures faster tipping and lowering, improving productivity with reduced cycle times.

DumpLoada vs. Articulated Dump Trucks

Customers say that our half pipe dump trailers do everything an ADT dump truck can do but at a significantly lower cost. Make the comparison yourself:

(1) Better flexibility with on and off road ability - no transfer of materials from ADT to truck at the road side.
(2) Lower capital investment, providing a better return on investment on your half pipe dump trailer.
(3) Lower cost per tonne handled, lower depreciation and more cost-effective in the long term.
(4) Lower maintenance cost from a simple, highly reliable and rugged half pipe dump trailer.

Model DumpLoada DL1000HP DumpLoada DL1400HP
Gross weight 26000kg 34000kg
Tare weight ca. 6000kg ca. 7000kg
Maximum Payload 20000kg 27000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg (4000kg*) 3500kg (4000kg*)
Sprung suspension capacity ca. 6000kg ca. 7000kg
Standard transport capacity 14m³ 18m³
Main cylinders 24000kg 36000kg
Minimum draft requirement 150HP 190HP
Bottom tickness 6mm HARDOX 450 6mm HARDOX 450
Side tickness 6mm HARDOX 450 6mm HARDOX 450
Body height inside 1185mm 1285mm
Body length inside 5400mm 7000mm
Total length 7280mm 9295mm
Total height 3050mm 3150mm
Maximum width (standard wheels) 2550mm 2550mm
Standard wheels 600/55 R26,5 600/55 R26,5
Colour Yellow Yellow
Speed 40km/h 40km/h

All weights and measurements are subject to half pipe dump trailer specification and regional laws. Specification, weights and payload may vary on fast tow models.As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.